Jim Simpson, Head of Investment Banking Group, Finance 500 Inc.

James 'Jim' Simpson is a financial advisor with Finance 500, Inc. with over 17 years of experience in private equity, investment banking, and legal and senior corporate management with entrepreneurial-stage companies. He served as the CEO of a

Richard Baum

Fundology: Hi, we're here with Richard Baum. He's the managing partner with Consumer Growth Partners. Richard, if you can please briefly introduce your company and what you focus on? Richard:  My company is Consumer Growth Partners, which you

Christopher Roden

Fundology:  Hi, we're here today speaking with Christopher Roden. He is the managing director of C3 Capital. Chris, if you could talk to us please about a recent transaction you've closed. Chris: Sure, we covered some of it yesterday. It's a really

Drew Adams, StoneCreek Capital

Fundology:  Drew, if you could please give us a brief overview of you and your  firm. Adams:  StoneCreek Capital is a private equity firm that’s been around since the early ‘90’s. There’s two partners, myself and Bruce Lipian. We’ve been working

Tom Goldblatt

Fundology: Please give us a brief overview of the client and how you sourced this deal. Goldblatt: I would be glad to.  It was probably the -- I probably worked on over 100 deals and I have to say, this was the most interesting, difficult,

Jerry Mills

Jerry Mills founded B2B CFO, the nation's largest CFO firm, in 1987 and is considered a pioneer in the CFO Services industry. Mills was recently named an AM&AA Thought Leader of the Year finalist for his book, The Exit Strategy Handbook. Jerry

Andrew Greenberg

Fundology: Please give us a brief overview of you and your company. Greenberg: Sure, I’d be happy to do that.  GF Data collects valuation, volume, leverage, and legal term information on deals done by private equity groups on transactions they

Peter Worrell

Fundology: Can you please give us some background on you and your firm? Worrell: The firm was founded in the 1930’s by Nathaniel Bigelow.  We’re an M&A firm with a specialty in entrepreneur, older managers, exclusively.  So we work only with

Joe Donlan 0 ConnectedHealth

ConnectedHealth provides the leading benefits shopping platform that offers consumers an integrated marketplace for health and financial protection. They offer decision-making tools, such as a recommendation engine, to help make health plan choices

Henry Ward

Eshares is an online platform that gives private companies the ability to issue electronic stock certificates and options rather than printing stock certificates. Henry Ward is the founder and CEO of eShares. He created eShares to consolidate private